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Cheap Jerseys china We have a very pragmatic, easy to work with bunch of guys. »My concern at the start of the rehearsals was making sure they were never made to feel uncomfortable. But they’ve all been an absolute dream. »The Full Monty will be running at the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle next week, from March 11 14. Pic credit: Moments Photography North East(Image: Sonia, Tyne Theatre Productions)The choreographer, whose assistant is Newcastle College student Steph Crewe, added: « I love the message behind this show self acceptance and confidence. »All of the male characters go on a journey and we can all relate Cheap Jerseys free shipping to them in one way or another. »Director Sonia Hernandez, 35, agreed, saying: « I love that this show appeals to all, not just theatre goers. »Musicals aren everyone thing but The Full Monty attracts a range of people, for obvious reasons I suppose! »The Full Monty will be running at the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle next week, from March 11 14. Cheap Jerseys china

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