There is no denying that yourweddingis all about you, and so you should not be afraid to take a risk no matter the time of year. However, in the fall, it is a lot easier to play around with bolder toned touches and deeper prints. You are able to do this without fretting about losing the timelessness and uniqueness that any sort of bridal gown demands.

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The door handle and lock was designed so that the biometric entry would be the primary means to use the lock. Think of the keypad as a secondary backup, and the mechanical key as a tertiary option only for use in emergencies. The built in flash memory can store up to 100 fingerprint scans.

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Nova Scotia has been grieving. We talk about death, and why the subject is so hard to grapple with our first guest Dawn Carson, funeral coordinator and chair of Green Burial Nova Scotia. Then Marc Rickard, owner and operator of The Bike Pedaler joins the show to discuss his role during a pandemic.

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Opponents also question why all the proceeds aren’t going to street maintenance, arguing that a tax paid by motorists should go toward road improvements that ease driving and congestion not building sidewalks. It’s not persuasive. Drivers in one circumstance are pedestrians, cyclists and transit users in other circumstances.

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