Keep this one in the fridge too. It’ll keep for several days, if it lasts that long. It rarely does at my house, especially once my dad and brothers get hold of it, not to mention my four Precious Little Darlings. In this week’s International TV Newswire, Ampere’s five year post Covid report looks ugly for everyone but the streamers, ViacomCBS makes moves in Latin America, Orange TV is racing up its scripted commitment, beginning with The Medipro Studio, and Channel 4 announces a new true crime series. Firm Ampere Analysis, the Covid 19 crisis will cost the global entertainment industry $160 billion over the next five years.Gross losses will hit advertising hardest in overall dollars lost, although when viewing the impact against the size of the sector, theatrical will be the sector most impacted. Pay TV, suffering heavily due to the loss of live sports, will drop significantly in value in an already difficult market.

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He said the town will survive, although the tragedy never go away. We live with it forever. You just don get over it. « I would like to get to a point, I’m not saying we’re going to get it in May, I helped recruit, I wanted the wrestling to be filmed in Orlando. I’d like them to do WrestleMania. They were going to do WrestleMania in April.

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