7 and No. 24 Seattle on Sept. 26. Some 80 of 250 employees ofThree SquareMarket have had chips the size of a large grain of rice embedded into the space between their thumb and forefinger. Their President, Patrick McMullan,got the idea from a business in Sweden where thousands have used the subcutaneous microchips to access buildings or book train tickets, thereby eliminating keycards or other forms of identification. A local tattoo artist cleaned theworkers’skin, found a spot in the hand to pinch,and inserted a syringe containing the chip under the skin.

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So the school board endeavored upon an ambitious plan to build a brand new high school at the northwest corner of Beekman Lane and New Center Road on the farm of Preston Quick, Jr. The $54 million school would have a 2100 student capacity expandable to 2800 and utilize a unique concept. Each of four independent would have a mix of students from each of the four grades, and be led by a vice principal.

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