Our business solution: SB Hotel

The benefits of advanced management for hotels:

  • Presentation of the accounts and recognition according to the Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels principles
  • “Localized” version available in most European countries to take account of country-specific accounting and tax constraints. (Chart of accounts, tax returns, numbering invoices, etc.)
  • Management of hotel group queries (chart of accounts, reporting, budget management, simulations, accounting under several standards as for fixed assets: IFRS, USGAAP …)
  • Management of the various structures (1 company, several hotels, one head office, several consolidated companies, etc.) while allowing the respect of tax accounts and operating accounts for hotels
  • Centralization with remote access or local implementation
  • Management of access rights (consulting access, entry, remote access) to meet SOX constraints but also enable the implementation of internal audit procedures supported by the system, consulting access to hotel owners Management contract (if necessary) while ensuring the readability of the management


  • General compatibility
  • Management Control for Variance Tracking
  • Purchasing process
  • Inventory and Consumption Management
  • Asset Management
  • Bank management
  • Management of the City Ledger (customer accounting), relaunch, customer follow-up
  • Management of supplier accounting (payment periods, …)