The management solution for law firm

SB Lawyer has been created around Dynamics NAV with 100% Microsoft technologies, in order to combine the power of ERP with the needs of law firms.

SB Lawyer is an ERP that allows law firms to drive business, to improve efficiency and to streamline daily activities.
The solution has a highly customizable interface and scalable features:

Customer / Contact management

  • Structured and global Contact and Customer repository
  • Structured and global Contact and Customer repository
  • Compliance management tools

Financial management

  • Choose your accounting system (BNC, BIC)
  • Edit financial statements and create analysis views
  • Improve business management with integrated analytical tools

Matter Management

  • Financial Management System Integration
  • A 360° Matter View (WIP, Billing, cash out,…)
  • Structure Matter by expertise area
  • Structure Matter by expertise area

Billing Management

  • Different billing modes (Time, package, subscription)
  • One click Matter Billing with campaigns
  • Manage your Boni/Mali
  • Powerful bill editing capabilities
  • Track your billing / debt collection in real time
  • Define rate and discount structure
  • E-Billing (LEDES)

Time Management

  • Timesheet / Expense sheet via web portal
  • WIP in real time
  • Individual Dashboard for time entries

Web & Tablet

  • Mobile access (web version, tablet)

SB LAWYER Overview

Asb-lawyer-ecran single click provides access to recent, and speed keys facilitate rapid data entry. Views can be filtered according to a selected client, matter, … You can post ad-hoc expenses made on behalf of clients and matters. You can configure date range entry for the firm or an associate.


SB Lawyer web portal lets you stay connected, increase your efficiency and capture more billable hours on the go. You can easily record time on your mobile device.

Dashboard offer graphical day, week and month views, that you can see at a glance summary of the total hours posted.

  • Contact workflow creation
  • Wizard-driven workflow captures necessary information required to open a new matter
  • Track all of the firm’s contacts
  • Multiple/company level addresses
  • Party wizard with conflict of interest checks

You can easily configure billing processes to match the way your firm works.

  • Pre-bill statuses to track the pre-bill through its life cycle
  • Easy pre-bill online editing
  • Paperless pre-bill management
  • e-billing (LEDES)
  • Boni/Mali management

SB Lawyer lets you setup alternative and flat fees, and you can build effective-date rate structures. Robust features are also available to support third-party payers.

SB Lawyer allows you to send reminder to Customer / Vendor or a Group of Customer/Vendor. The conditions and levels of reminders are customizable.

SB Lawyer integrates different reporting levels according to the recipients (Partner, associates, employees, accountants …) : activity analysis, WIP, billing, expenses and risks by customers, partner, matter, expertise…

Native export to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

Rights management is realized through Roles and Profiles in SB Lawyer.

Security provided for sensitive information

Customization available at the user level

SB Lawyer is an open system that easily interfaces with GED, CRM, BI, and other platform, that lets you retrieve all needed information (direct link to the database, web service, etc.).

SB Lawyer is an open platform, fully scalable and customizable by SB Consulting that will meet the needs of the most exigent law firm.

SB Lawyer is certified by Microsoft: CFMD

SB Lawyer leverages the Microsoft environment and infrastructure solutions including Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server.

The certification program “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD)” identifies third-party solutions that have reached the highest standards of Microsoft Dynamics for implementations.

Obtain certification that the solution is:

  • Developed by an independent provider of certified and reputable software
  • Designed for a single business need
  • Tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Used and recommended by other companies

In addition, certification implies that the solution is:

  • Low risk, quick to implement and simple to maintain
  • Properly supported and protected
  • Compliant with specific business, tax and regulatory requirements

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