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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package that empowers small and medium-sized enterprises on their finances and simplifies the supply chain, manufacturing and operations. It is quick to implement and easy to use, and has the power to achieve your growth goals.

It is available “on” Microsoft Azure or in on-premise mode, “in” Office 365, and integrated “with” Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is distributed by a worldwide network of Microsoft certified partners who offer solutions tailored specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs and ETIs).

The latest version of the Dynamics NAV ERP, the NAV2017 version, includes a mobility-oriented set of features: Web Client, Tablet Client and Smartphone Client (Android, iOS and Windows).

The interoperability of Dynamics NAV2017 with the Office365 suite (and its components) is also optimized, both in Word and Excel, as well as in SharePoint, Exchange or Power BI.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics as ERP?

Your business may have begun gradually, but the fruit of your efforts and enthusiasm have made it grow. If existing systems have an impact on your growth potential, it’s time to move on to the next step.

A Microsoft business solution puts your employees at the center by bringing them business applications, data, documents and devices, enabling them to optimize their time. From the server to the cloud, from desktop to mobile devices, enjoy a familiar user experience to automate your business, increase sales, enhance collaboration and appeal to your customers.

Growing your business is not just a matter of hard work. You need a global view, complete control over your finances, the ability to streamline your processes and reduce your costs. You also need to meet the expectations of your customers on a daily basis.

Are you ready to redefine the way you do business?

Now is the time to take control of your finances, manage your data, set up order management and manage your customers and suppliers more efficiently.

If the business is there, the opportunities are there, but your current business management software doesn’t follow… you will be braked in your growth. Here is your chance to increase your business in progress and growth.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Pictures!

Discover all the features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Fast to implement and easy to use, with the power to realize your growth ambitions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 offer full functionality to help small and medium businesses manage all their business.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you benefit from powerful general accounting, third-party, analytics and asset management tools.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s built-in analytics capabilities are designed to be true business analytics, as well as management control: number of unlimited axes, management trees, budget references and deviations, and dynamic rendering functions.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can optimize your production management and secure time delays with finite capacity planning and promise of order entry delivery. You take advantage of market opportunities by improving your performance, and effectively respond to a constantly evolving customer demand.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can optimize supply and streamline the flow of goods within or outside the warehouse: physical receipts or direct deliveries, multi-site shipments, inter-store transfers.

Managing administrative, logistical and financial flows enables you to better satisfy your customers, monitor costs and preserve your margins.

The Projects / Business module is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and covers project and business management features: use of budgets and forecasts for detailed capacity planning, cost and resource tracking, billing and accounting.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can optimize the management of your personnel and your equipment, and anticipate the profitability of every project or business.

Manage your campaigns, sales opportunities, contacts and service contracts.

Get real-time visibility for performance analysis and peace of mind. Either directly with Dynamics NAV or with ZAP BI in the context of a very advanced reporting requirement or with Power BI.

Model real business processes such as best practices or standards specific to your industry. For example, verify that a credit limit has been verified independently or that a large payment to a supplier requires two-tier approval.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, workflows are divided into three main axes and all workflows, whether short or long, consist of steps divided into these three axes:

  • Approval – place a task, article, or document in a locked or unapproved state until it is approved by a qualified person in your business.
  • Notification – warn a user that something has happened that requires action on his part.
  • Automating a process – running a process, for example Microsoft Dynamics NAV calculates something or performs an action.

In addition to these three axes, approval, notification and automation, workflows in events can react to certain parameters of your business. Workflows can be triggered by credit limits, totals, regions, people, or by hundreds of other potential conditions

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