Your job: Trading and Distribution


The benefits of advanced logistics management

  • In addition to the stock management module of Dynamics NAV, we offer a functional brick for advanced warehouse management.
  • It supports information about warehouse inputs and outputs and allows you to control all the internal operations needed to manage the flows in real time or delayed through the tools needed to improve your productivity:
  • Bar code label printers
  • Bar code readers (handshakes or pencils)
  • On-board or portable terminals (radio or batch connection).

A set of business components add the following advanced features to the core building blocks of Dynamics NAV:

  • Multi references (internal codes, EAN, external, barcodes)
  • Grouping by family item (storage operation)
  • I.F.O and F.E.F.O (manufacturing, DLUO, DLV, DLC, or Batch No.)
  • Automatic replenishment of picking on threshold (cartons, detail)
  • Packaging (pallet coefficient, PCB, SPCB, UVC)
  • Lot number, Serial number
  • ABC rotation classes, Assignment classes
  • Dimension U.C and pallet
  • Alert triggering on minimum and maximum thresholds (in U.C., volume or tonnage)

Our Advanced Distribution Management solution allows the warehouse manager to:

  • To have a perfect knowledge of its stock by a rigorous management of the movements (gain in surface by a better rate of filling, reduction of the stocks)
  • Improve the productivity of its warehouse by rationally scheduling the preparation tasks (possibly via a radio link)
  • Ensure downstream traceability of information by packing and tracking of lots (precise knowledge of parcels entrusted to carriers, better management of disputes)
  • To optimize its transport costs thanks to pre-calculations of volume and weight (choice of the best truck)
  • To control the operation of its warehouse by providing it with all the indicators allowing to monitor the activity with precision (flows of preparation in real time, volume and weight dispatched, consumptions, productivity ….).