The works he’d been showing and selling included his ongoing « Moleules » and « superULTRAmega » series, the former a blend of cultural commentary with molecular imagery on irregularly shaped woodcuts and the latter more abstract paintings on wood. »It was great and fun to deal with various art entities in the valley and get this momentum, » he said. « Then nba cheap jerseys everything shut down. So it’s a little bittersweet. »Though the Straight Line show ended early as the gallery shuttered in mid March, Erickson had been planning for a quieter spring spent generating ideas for new work, while also finishing construction of his new home in Carbondale, which suited the stay home period.He expects he’ll end up responding to the pandemic in the « Moleules » series, in which he’s previously found clever and comedic ways to visually comment on socio political issues in recent years.

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