The Crocodile Dundee ad that charmed Superbowl and Youtube audiences across the world may be for a fake film but there is nothing fake about the North West Queensland locations in the video. One of the best kept secrets in the region came out today after the big game in the United Stated when Adels Grove owner Gary Murray revealed that apart from a few beach shots near Cairns the video was all shot on location at Adels Grove, nearby Boodjamulla National Park and on the road to Riversleigh National Park, The video featured Chris « Thor » Hemsworth and comedian Danny McBride who plays the role of Crocodile Mick Dundee’s long lost son. It was produced by Tourism Australia and although the original film was set in the the Northern Territory, the video was appropriately made in the same part of Queensland where many of the original 1986 movie’s scenes were filmed such as Fountain Springs and The Walkabout pub in McKinlay.

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