When we got their, the shelf was empty. We check every shelf and even look under the upper shelf where they keep overstock. All we saw were price stickers! We were surprise because the site said it was there.. I scratched out a draft but the tone felt off. « Hey, how u? » wasn’t going to cut it. I had to start somewhere and build to something.

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The stakes of the rivalry were never higher than in 1999, when the Titans and Jaguars met three times, including the AFC Championship Game in Jacksonville. Steve McNair rushed for two touchdowns and Derrick Mason returned a kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown as the Titans earned their first Super Bowl berth with a 33 14 win. Tennessee went on to Super Bowl XXXIV and eventually fell at the hands of the St.

Arguably the most impressive music related news of the week is the revelation that Billie Eilish will be recording the theme song to the forthcoming James Bond movie No Time To Die. At 18 years old, she’ll be the youngest artist ever to release an official Bond theme and we’re expecting big things from her. We’re so proud of her!.

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« My father physically abused my mother, my only source of protection, right in front of me. She screamed and cried and struggled. I was helpless and felt like a coward because I couldn do a damn thing about it. »He wrote: « A strange feeling began to come over my body.

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