The suburban Milwaukee County order and the City of Milwaukee order prohibit the opening of restaurants and bars which must continue to operate for pickup or delivery only.FOX6 News reached out to the Milwaukee Police Department Thursday regarding any plans to enforce the order with citations or arrests. A spokeswoman said they working with the Office of the City Attorney and Milwaukee Health Department to figure out next steps.As for the suburban Milwaukee County order, Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley said each municipality would have to weigh in on that.Below are some highlights from the COVID 19 public health plan for suburban Milwaukee County:Retail establishments: Retail establishments, including indoor shopping malls, may remain open. Such establishments shall:Limiting the number of individuals in a location to either 25% of the total occupancy limits established by the local municipality or four (4) individuals per 1 cheap jerseys ,000 square feet of customer floor space;Abide by Physical Distancing and Protective Measure Requirements; andAbide by Safe Business Practices.Restaurants: Restaurants may remain open only if they remain in compliance with the following:Restaurants may remain open for food take out or delivery service only;Alcohol sales shall comply with Section 2(g) below;Customers may enter the above establishments only for the purpose of ordering , pick up, and paying for food or beverages or both;No seating may be provided;Food and drink may not be consumed on premises, either indoors or outdoors;Establishments shall meet Physical Distancing and Protective Measure Requirements among all individuals on the premises to the extent possible;Restaurants shall cease any self service operations of salad bars, beverage stations, and buffets; andCustomers are prohibited from self dispensing any unpackaged food or beverage.Bars: This includes breweries, brewpubs, wineries, distilleries, and alcohol beverage retailers.

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