Reflow your financial forecast and understand your options. As we flatten the virus’s curve, we expect your growth curves will flatten too. Take your current burn rate and expect to operate off that for 6 months or maybe even a year. Friday night the Bats had a special treat for fans in the form of live music from Austin’s own HiFi Scenery. While the intermission performance proved to be nothing short of a complete disaster the band relegated to the penalty boxes with the drummer setting up on the ice and then breaking down before playing a single beat and the crowd paying far more attention to beloved mascot Fang and his frisbee dispersal they managed to rock the crowd as well as they could in a post game lobby performance. Vocalist Mems Deville has a bad case of lead singeritis but God bless ’em in their pursuit to rock the kids.

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It would be easy to become despondent. »She added: « You have to have some structure to your day. I’m a great list maker. I find it very therapeutic to tick off all the tasks ahead of you so you can get to the end of the day and feel progress has been made.In these days of incarceration, you have to remember we all have things to do.

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