Don’t be fooled by this chilly spring; our searing summer temps are just around the corner, so prepare deep watering stations in your vegetable garden. Plant around those buckets this spring, and as the heat rises, fill the buckets once or twice a week with water. Deep watering will send roots deeper into the ground, where they’re more likely to thrive when the weather gets hot..

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When collecting her award, Reynolds also delivered a rather funny acceptance speech. « Of course I had a wonderful hairdo in that picture, » she said, referring to her hair in « Singin’ in the Rain ». « Some of you may not remember this but I had a bun. Also Read Faf du Plessis explains MSD captaincy styleBut Markram must first regain his starting place in the side. The opener averaged above 45 in his first 15 Tests, but in the next five managed only 183 runs at an average of 18.30. He had a spell on the sidelines after injuring his hand when he struck a wall following a pair of ducks in India last year..

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But she also explores her history as a versatile visual artist, starting out as a photographer and spending most of her later years doing elaborate art installations. More importantly, Varda shows audiences whether diehard fans or curious folk who want to know more about this quirky old lady with the punk bowl haircut how she brought playful inventiveness to everything she did, even in her most serious work. She lets everyone know that if you’re going to create cinema that will either challenge or infuriate viewers, you better have a good ass time while doing it.

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