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wholesale nfl jerseys May 18, 2020 10:00 PM IST Business Insight Will the new PSU policy usher in a consolidation spree? The move to change the public sector landscape is an attempt to shore up the economy as part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.May 14, 2020 07:05 PM IST So far, PSBs are the unsung heroes in Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus package. But who will rescue them? Collateral free loans carry a risk of companies misusing the government scheme in collusion with local bank officials and politicians.May 14, 2020 06:22 PM IST Proposed Labour Code offers universal minimum income, modifies definition of migrant workers: FM Nirmala Sitharaman In her second press briefing, Sitharaman’s announcements focused on migrants, street vendors, small farmers, small traders and the self employed.May 13, 2020 08:20 PM IST Change in definition of MSMEs will lead to more output orientation: Experts Sitharaman also said the distinction between manufacturing and service units for MSMEs had been removed.May 13, 2020 05:23 PM IST Nirmala Sitharaman press meet: Government bars global tenders from procurements up to Rs 200 crore « This step is being taken because a majority of MSMEs were unable to supply to their mother units, who they were serving as ancillaries all this while and conditions became more difficult due to COVID 19, » she said.May 13, 2020 05:14 PM IST FM Nirmala Sitharaman press meet: Government extends EPF support by 3 months The government will take up PF for firms with 100 staff, earning less than Rs 15,000.May 13, 2020 04:39 PM IST Government’s CAPFs canteens move: No significant impact on FMCG companies, say analysts analysts say that this rule is not applicable for CSDs (Canteen Stores Department) which are profit making.May 12, 2020 07:23 PM IST Change in labour laws to give flexibility to industry: CII With the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic gradually unfolding, the Madhya Pradesh government on May 7 granted companies various concessions to meet labour requirements during this periodMay 12, 2020 03:12 PM IST ‘Bad bank’ is back on the table: But where are the buyers for stressed assets? In the absence of a strong turnaround plan, the bad bank plan can backfire since this will be only transferring the risky assets in the banking system from one place to the other.May 11, 2020 10:20 PM IST Liquidity a big challenge, expect economic recovery to take 2 3 quarters: Ajay Piramal « It will take at least two or three quarters to reach the December 2019 GDP level of 4.7 percent. This crisis is going to impact all industries, with liquidity being one of the big challenges, » Piramal said in the post earnings media call.May 08, 2020 11:04 PM IST Coronavirus lockdown Domestic flight operations likely to resume by May 15: Hardeep Singh Puri Puri had earlier said the government will navigate the way forward depending on how the situation evolves.May 06, 2020 06:58 PM IST RBI breaks silence; banks fall in line on extension of loan moratorium for NBFCs After a meeting with the Reserve Bank of India’s top brass and representatives of banks and NBFCs, most banks have agreed to extend moratorium to their NBFC clients on a case by case basis.May 06, 2020 06:20 PM IST COVID 19 impact Petrol and diesel are states’ and Centre’s trusted milch cows wholesale nfl jerseys.