Can we make our hostel life awesome? Well, it not that easy but yes it is not impossible. Yes, you heard it right. With some simple tips and tricks, we can simplify our hostel life and make it effortlessly awesome. As some of the incorrectly printed Super Bowl merchandise didInstead, athletics officials say, the uniforms will go to one of four places: to the player who wore it, an ill child, an online auction to raise money for the Duck Athletic Fund, or Oregon’s annual spring « garage sale » of leftover team merchandiseRachel Bachman look at issues, trends and people behind the gamesEveryone on Oregon’s 2010 team got to keep his jersey from the BCS national championship game against Auburn, but each had to « buy » it, said Pat Conrad, the longtime Oregon equipment manager. The school is allowed to give each player postseason gifts for winning a conference championship or playing in a bowl game, for instance for $175 $350, depending on category. (Thanks to Gary Gray in UO compliance for the Pdf.) Oregon officials deducted $50 from one of those gift totals for the BCS game jersey.

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