Take your standard 911 Turbo, rip out the back seats and every other piece of material non integral to going like stink, crank the turbo pressure up to 11, add a bit of maniacal German magic and you get the Porsche GT2 RS. Oh, did I forget to mention they also dumped the Turbo AWD as well? Yes. Yes, they did.

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The Hillside spec mansion is even bigger than Low’s former mansion, clocking in at 20,000 square feet on a half acre lot. The seller, real estate developer Jeff Thomas, first brought it to market for $43.9 million in August. He got plenty of publicity for the home, as it was featured heavily on listing agent Jason Oppenheim’s Netflix show « Selling Sunset. ».

Should you need to brake suddenly or be involved in a collision it could cause serious injury to you if your pet was not restrained and your pet. Never leave your pet alone in the car for any length of time. On a hot day, with the car stationery, the temperatures inside the car could rise dramatically.

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