As for the second trial, it’ll have a lot more people involved, roughly 1,000. Those folks will already have COIVD 19 but anyone who is so sick that they need to be hospitalized will not be part of this study. And that’s because the researchers want to find out if the blood plasma treatment can either slow the disease down or completely halt its progression..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china There were more than 130 arrests. Agency and a Western official based in Myanmar told news agency. »It could be a game changer because fentanyl is so potent that its widespread use would cause a major health concern for Myanmar and the region, » said the Western official, who declined to be identified.The head of law enforcement for Myanmar’s counter narcotics agency, Colonel Zaw Lin, said the methylfentanyl had been verified using state of the art equipment.The seizure showed the drug syndicates’ methods were changing, he said.Fentanyl and its derivatives have caused more than 130,000 overdose deaths in the United States and Canada in the past five years, according to government agencies.Weapons, ammunition, alongside bags of crystal methamphetamine and meth laced yaba pills seized by Myanmar police REUTERSThe opioid epidemic has not yet swept Asia, Europe or Australasia but there have been signs it is an emerging threat. »We have repeatedly warned the region [that] fentanyl could become a problem but this is off the charts, » said UNODC’s Southeast Asia and the Pacific representative Jeremy Douglas. »It is the shift in the market we have been anticipating, and fearing. »While Myanmar police did not disclose the purity and exact make up of the methylfentanyl found, it comes in two main variants, both more potent than fentanyl, according to the European Union’s drug monitoring agency.Fentanyl itself is 25 to 50 times stronger than heroin.Increasingly, drug traffickers have been mixing fentanyl and its derivatives with heroin, meth and cocaine, adding to their potency and lethality.Mexico begins reopening despite coronavirus onslaught fearsMexico issued guidelines on Monday for restarting operations in the automotive, mining and construction sectors, pushing ahead with reopening the economy despite a growing national toll from the COVID 19 pandemic and concerns about unsafe work sites. With Mexico coronavirus death toll having surged past 5,300, and with 51,633 known cases, officials are wrestling with how to restart key industries without triggering a greater spread of the highly contagious respiratory virus wholesale nfl jerseys from china.