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Cheap Jerseys china He recommended that the city look forward, not backward, when it comes to how people arrive downtown.Community leaders must be visionary to help solve the Macy and other downtown problems, he added.feel that the future of self driving cars, ride sharing, electric bicycles and scooters will dramatically change the ways our society gets from Point A to Point B, Martz said.current habit of everyone driving their own car and then needing to park it while they sit in their office, a restaurant, or while they shop, will rapidly change during the next 10 to 20 years, yet our city leaders continue to base their zoning and parking requirements on the old way of doing things rather than progressively looking toward the future. Time to plan for future trends, he said.often takes five to 10 years to get large scale projects of this nature planned, approved and built, Martz said.He also suggested that Santa Barbara needs more hotels on State Street downtown. Most of the city hospitality options are found along the waterfront or on Upper State Street, which are too far to walk to downtown and, most important, too far to walk back.more hotel projects in the retail core would be a benefit to drawing more people downtown, Martz noted.The Kimpton Canary Santa Barbara, 31 W Cheap Jerseys china.