And so to the mains. Seamus was handed a plate with two large, thick slices of beef fillet on it. It seems the landlord of this building is a butcher, and it his meat that is served. Temi is a speech recognition software that supports audio to text conversion. It’s an automated software that allows you to convert 5 minutes of speech into text. You can easily edit your files to get the output you want.

If the answer is yes, you can make a date to get together once circumstances/pandemics allow. But if the answer is no, GIRL, then you can get some practice making declarative statements: « I don’t want you to make those jokes anymore. They’re hurtful to me. » And if she continues to make jokes about having sex with you after you’ve made it clear she’s hurting your feelings, then she’s just being cruel and doesn’t deserve your time, attention, or friendship..

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In 1909, the population of Kingston was about 20,000. In the School of Medicine 38 faculty (including 16 Professors) were responsible for the teaching of 208 students drawn largely from Ontario. The five year program was expected to graduate students able to « comply with the requirements of the province in which they expect to practice ».

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