Last week, Ms. Miller, the former T. Rowe Price executive and Treasury Department official in the Barack Obama administration, debuted an ad titled « Know How. » Monday, she dropped one titled « Path. » One thing Baltimore viewers can count cheap jerseys on in these highly uncertain times is that they will be seeing a lot of Ms.

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We took some pictures on the first day and they do not even show the half of it the eye closed up, there was multicolored bruising from the temple to the nose and down to the cheekbone, I will feel conspicuous even gently telling her to knock any behavior off in public until it heals, and Nora looks like quite the rough and tumble urchin with her sports jerseys and polo shirts and khaki pants and flip flops and black eye. (I don’t know if there is any sub genre of softcore lesbian erotica devoted to baby butches with facial injuries, sort of like a Bikini Kill/Fight Club thing, but if there were I would be grateful that Nora is not yet eighteen and cannot participate out of a misguided desire for Suicide Girls style « fame. ») She has asked me for an eyepatch several times, and seems slightly disappointed that her injury does not merit such a thing, although I have promised her a pirate outfit for Halloween. Avast!1.

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