John Teerlinck, a longtime NFL defensive coach who was regarded as the best pass rushing guru in the league, died late Sunday. « A likely scenario is that the Indians can play in an empty stadium, » said Armitage. « To do that some steps would need to be taken. You’d have to have some regular testing of the players, coaches and people who are in close quarters with them.

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Were you educated at Georgetown University? Do you buy jewelry from Tiffany Co, suits at Brooks Brothers? Have you ever had an account or loan from JP Morgan Chase? Read USA Today lately or attend an event at Barclays in Brooklyn? All of these companies have one thing common: they benefited from slavery. I’m not saying it’s right but I am saying it’s the world we live in. But I applaud the NFL for trying to heal their racism and I applaud Jay for taking their money, because the result of such a partnership could lead to a hungry person getting a meal and I don’t know Kaep personally but I bet he would be proud of that..

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