Want to see Curve baseball again. Everybody loves Curve baseball. We just looking for brighter days ahead. Patel was previously Secretary of State for International Development, but she stepped down in 2017 after it transpired that she had had secret meetings with the Israeli government, breaching ministerial code.Government slammed over attack on key workers as MPs back Immigration BillPriti PatelHome Secretary Priti Patel said it is a ‘firmer, fairer and simpler’ system.Brutal Lorraine tells Priti Patel thousands died on her watch due to ‘woeful’ inactionGood Morning BritainLorraine Kelly asked Priti Patel how she deals with knowing thousands have died on her watch and multiple bullying accusations in a tense live interviewLabour wants police recruitment cash switched to Covid 19 fight to be replacedHome OfficeEXCLUSIVE: The Shadow Home Secretary called for 84million diverted to the battle against coronavirus to be reimbursed so forces can boost recruitmentCoronavirus: Foreign family of NHS workers who die told they can stay in the UKCoronavirusHome Secretary Priti Patel says close relatives living with health workers before they died will be granted indefinite leave to remainPriti Patel ‘bullying’ probe ‘finds no smoking gun’ as Labour demand its releasePriti PatelLabour called for the investigation to be published as soon as possible after findings which are still secret were handed to a Cabinet Office ethics watchdog. The Home Secretary has always denied claims of bullyingCoronavirus: Matt Hancock says asking him to apologise for care home deaths is ‘unreasonable’Care homesA total 3,096 people have died from coronavirus in care homes since the start of the pandemic’Was anyone in government honest with Priti Patel after her briefing? I think not’Priti PatelThe Home Secretary led Saturday’s coronavirus briefing, where she revealed shop lifting had fallen during the Covid 19 pandemicCoronavirus: Passengers flying into UK airports ‘to be quarantined for 14 days in new plans’CoronavirusThe plans would follow a similar scheme in Singapore as the Government looks to introduce the ‘second phase’ of its coronavirus Covid 19 response, according to reportsCoronavirus death toll could triple scientists claim as UK passes grim milestonePriti PatelEXCLUSIVE: Boffins’ new estimates show the total number of people who will lose their lives to coronavirus could exceed a staggering 62,500 as Home Secretary Priti Patel admits there’s no lockdown exit strategy in sight yetUK coronavirus deaths ‘increasing more rapidly than any other country bar US’CoronavirusThe Home Secretary Priti Patel said the UK had hit a « tragic and terrible milestone » today as more than 20,000 coronavirus Covid 19 deaths in hospital were announced by the Department for HealthBritain ‘must go back to work’ and ‘exit plan is needed,’ warns Philip HammondCoronavirusThe former Conservative Chancellor has said a plan is needed to save the economy as the UK will be « living with Covid 19 » for a long time. Stores like B are already starting to reopen.

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