Blue jays prefer lightly forested areas and forest edges where they can perch in trees and still have access to open areas. The can be found in back yards, parks, campuses and neighborhoods all across their range. They like to eat from bird feeders and prefer large flat feeders they can perch on.

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There is no one answer. Every house has different needs based on its square footage, when it was built, and how it was maintained by previous owners. Flippers could have to replace an entire HVAC system just to get the building up to code, or the house may just need some fresh flooring and paint..

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Keep in mind that Noozhawk is a hyperlocal news site, and we don much care for form letters that outline national or international grievances . We ask that you keep your opinions and information relevant to Santa Barbara County and the Central Coast. Letters about issues beyond our local region have the absolute lowest priority of everything we publish..

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