Prior to joining the coaching ranks, Arniel won two Memorial Cup Championships with the Cornwall Royals in the QMJHL and won a gold medal in the 1982 World Junior Championship, Canada’s first ever gold medal in the tournament. Arniel appeared in 730 NHL games with the Winnipeg Jets (1981 86; 1990 91), Buffalo Sabres (1986 90), and Boston Bruins (1991 92), registering 338 points (149g, 189a) in 11 seasons. Arniel was originally selected by Winnipeg in the second round, 22nd overall, in the 1981 Entry Draft..

Within this group of nationally imperiled species are about 1,600 plants and animals that are also of global conservation concern. Many of these have very small ranges like the Bicknell’s thrush of Quebec, Atlantic Canada and the northeastern US, or the sand verbena moth that is limited to a handful of sites of coastal sites in Washington and BC including the Nature Conservancy of Canada James Island. In most cases, we share the stewardship of these species with other nations, primarily our American neighbors..

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