People walk themselves, their pets, bring picnics, or just sit on one of the many benches and watch their children play. All of the trails are paved and wide and I get a lot of social interaction when I ride at the harbor. This is a great place to be with like minded people who enjoy the outdoors..

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When Cano first came up with the Yankees Don Mattingly marveled at his swing and said it was the type that could someday win a batting title. He hasn’t won a batting title yet, but he has developed into a feared power hitter. Cano has only a 11.5% strikeout percentage for his career, but doesn’t walk very much, only a 5.5% walk percentage over the same time period.

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A Long Island man has been arrested in Maryland in connection with the deaths of Shakeela Planter, 21, and her 2 year old son, Jaiden, whose bodies were found inside a basement apartment which Planter rented in Bay Shore. Jerry Lewis, 24, had previously been in a relationship with Planter and at the time as living in the apartment with the women and her son. Lewis reportedly stabbed Shakeela multiple times on the morning of December 18th and did not spare Jaiden, who was beaten, stuffed into a plastic bag and left inside a freezer.

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