Lorson had a tremendous senior campaign last year, setting district records in yards(4,688) and passing touchdowns (57). He also broke 11 school records in the process and was just the second player in District 4 history to go over 3,000 passing yards and the first to top both 2,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards. Bucktail LiamDwyer was also scheduled to play for the North..

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Fergie, 37, and Josh Duhamel, 40 married back in 2009 and this will be their first child together. Duhamel will be ecstatic, no doubt, to have some good news to share with the public especially after his latest movie, Safe Haven was panned by the critics ahead of its release last weekend. Fergie, meanwhile, is said to be working on material for a new solo album, according to MTV, though it’s unclear whether or not her pregnancy will cause the singer to go on a career hiatus..

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