Now is the perfect time, especially because the current crop of players is a collection of midsize, largely mediocre swingmen that will never bring a championship to the Magic City. Barring some sort of free agency miracle, Riley will need to jettison guys such as Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside and find a young, new Wade 2.0 through the draft. A new era requires a new outfit too.New Times has also been begging a local team to adopt some « Miami aesthetic » jerseys for years.

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Any hope of a Colorado comeback was eliminated during the opening 10 minutes of the second half, as IC stretched the advantage to a game high 13 goals to lock in a running clock that would continue through the duration of the contest. Varma and Welch each scored twice during the six goal barrage over the first 12:26 of game play following halftime. Although Colorado strung together their third three goal run of the day to close the margin to 10 goals at 19 9 with 12:08 to play, IC capped the dominant day with goals from Ritchie and Welch in the final five minutes of action..

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