Only 2% of high school athletes go on to play at the top level of college sports, the NCAA Division I. For most, a savings account makes more sense than private coaching. Seen parents spend a couple of hundred thousand dollars pursuing a college scholarship, says Travis Dorsch, founding director of the Families in Sport Lab at Utah State University.

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Such social welfare measures are greater than what the United States could muster, notably: A survey by the Federal Reserve Bank earlier this week found that roughly one fifth of American workers would have no paid or sick leave of any kind if they or a family member was diagnosed with COVID 19. Many economists criticized the March relief legislation for not providing enough sick leave coverage to enough workers who might need to leave work and quarantine due to the pandemic. America has also come up short in terms of providing unemployment relief, with Americans only receiving $48 billion in unemployment benefits in April when they could have received more than $90 billion if there had not been administrative delays and other problems..

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