Their misery is compounded by rising nativist, xenophonic, anti immigrant sentiment from a Trump base that sees foreign students and guest workers « stealing » American jobs at a time the wholesale jerseys from china pandemic. It is an understandable sentiment in times of despair, except this was an undercurrent even before the coronavirus struck. The reason Microsoft, Google, Apple and other companies back immigration is not because foreign workers come cheap (a fiction that ignores the fact that the labor department requires certification that they are well paid); they do it because they need global talent..

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We support the governor’s decision wholeheartedly and we respect the science on which it was made. The current crisis is unlike any in our lifetime, and we stand in solidarity with our friends locally and worldwide in the food, beverage, events and hospitality industries who have been hit the hardest. These are the people that feed us, inspire us, welcome us into their homes and give us a reason and reminder to stand up and cheer.

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